November 2014

Ease Data Security Woes with Cloud-Based Services
Despite the security breaches dominating the news these days, more businesses are moving their data processing to a cloud-based model—and they are relieved to learn that their data is actually in the most secure hands.

Unlike smaller entities that use premise-based data processing systems, cloud services providers invest far more resources to keep data tightly secured. Further, they employ the sharpest talent, security systems and standards in the business.


October 2014

The Absence Management Solution

While companies expect employees to miss a reasonable number of workdays, they actually spend between 9 and 13 percent of their annual payroll on absenteeism. Productivity plummets when employees miss work, but employers often don’t understand why absenteeism happens.

Consistent workplace attendance is central to maintaining the quality of goods and services—and a healthy bottom line. Employers must be able to figure out what keeps workers away from their jobs.


September 2014

Drive the Change You Wish to See

Change in the workplace can be fraught with uncertainty. It frightens many employees, and some may resist rather than embrace it.

Designating champions to drive change is the best way for companies to ensure the successful rollout of a change management strategy. Champions create the energy to propel change in a positive, engaging way across your organization.


August 2014

Understanding Your Employee Lifecycle is Key to Unlocking Success in Your Organization

Improving your employees’ experience is sure to provide many benefits to your organization.

An understanding of the complete picture of your employees’ relationship with the company—from candidacy and onboarding, to setting “SMART” goals and competencies in order to accurately evaluate performance to effectively compensate employees, promote employees and plan for succession and development—will help identify the issues that cause unhappiness and put you in a position to develop strategies to improve their experience.


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