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Which Road to Take: Let HRIS Analysis Be Your Guide

When was the last time you were in an unfamiliar city? Perhaps you had an appointment you needed to get to, and were unsure of the best route to take. Maybe you pulled out your smartphone, used your navigation system, and asked for directions.


Even if you are familiar with an environment, directions can sometimes be overloaded with details that are challenging to sift through. You could take Route A, which might seem a very direct route, but encounter any number of things along the way. Or, you could take Route B, which your navigation system kindly points out is several miles longer than the other option, but routinely has less traffic.


Confronted with the possibilities, you might want to turn to a person on the street and ask for a local’s opinion—an insider—on which route they’d take to your destination at that time of day and under the circumstances you face. A person who has taken a route thousands of times has the ability to tell you what you need to know. Sometimes, less is more.



The HRIS Analysis process at ihouse is like turning to an insider for a local’s informed perspective: where are you, where do you want to be, and what’s the best way to get there…

  1. ihouse will meet with your stakeholders and develop an all-encompassing view of how your HR systems and processes are currently operating. 

  2. We’ll outline what your optimal future state looks like. We help you verbalize your HR goals, and your objectives for the corporation as a whole.

  3. We’ll align those future goals with the systems and processes that best suit your objectives. 

  4. We deliver a roadmap that clearly marks your path from your current state of systems and processes to your desired state. 


As an HRIS insider, ihouse will help identify your company’s best route to your ideal state and solidify your path to the systems and processes that will make your HR visions a reality. Schedule your HRIS Analysis with ihouse today.

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